Clare from Diesal Bookstore shares about Kimberly Simms

For National Poetry Month 2015, each bookseller at DIESEL shared their favorite experience with poetry. Clare from Diesel, a bookstore in Larkspur, shared about the first time she saw Spoken Word at the ICA London, which featured South Carolina Poet, Kimberly Simms.

The event featured in the podcast was called "Paradigm Poets: Club Night at the ICA." It took place on December 4th at 8pm, 2000 at the ICA London ( The TimeOut London wrote about the event:

"Paradigm Poets: Our monthly extravaganza of inspirational poetry and film, with guest D's and a live net link-up with the US.
Tonight's line-up includes MC Carl Dhiman; Victoria Mosley; John Andreissen; dark and emotional Francesca Beard; Lucy English the performance pet and novelist; Kimberly Simms, the poet from Carolina with sexy sweetly serrated spoken word; and Susie Oh.
Film and visuals Skylar Haskard plus guest DJs."

The poem, Kimberly Simms, performed that night was called, "I Interview Well." Kimberly Simms says about the poem, "At the time that I wrote the poem, I had recently been through the interview process and it seemed to focus on how I looked rather than what skills I brought to the table. So as a laugh, I took the job interview experience to its ultimate sexual peak in this satire poem."

Read the poem:
Listen to the poem: