Wishing you a Happy Holiday!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Please enjoy this poem about my home town of Greenville, SC called "December in the Foothills." It was originally published in The Dead Mule: School of Southern Literature

December in the Foothills

by Kimberly Simms

Winter plays hide and seek. 
We open the windows, sit in the sun.
It is epiphany before the cold
jumps out from behind a Christmas tree.

I find my weak winter jacket and go
down Main Street – fairy lights twinkle;
sunset is a fuchsia feather boa
round the voluptuous mountains.

I poke in artsy crafty shops –
finger mountain made ceramics.
There are no trendy bars, pounding
nightclubs - no cutting edge.

Townspeople wear baseball caps,
play banjos without irony.
I grab a mocha-chino at the cafe.
I see someone I know.  I see someone else
I know.  I see my brother.

Billy hands me a picture of hell,
as I unlock my car door.  He smiles
and asks if I’m prepared
for eternal damnation. 

I pass Bob Jones U and slow with the traffic -
an eternity of red, green, blue Christmas lights.
“Isn’t it pretty,” we say
in our fallen state of grace.

First published in:
The Dead Mule: School of Southern Literature. April 2005. ISSN 1535-8488. Val MacEwan, 2005.