Kimberly in Columbia: 2015 Aha Moment Tour

In 2015, I was honored to be invited by the Mutual of Omaha to share my AHA Moment. I hope you enjoy hearing about my stage fright, which I overcome every time I take the stage. Public speakers don't stop being nervous or afraid when they speak in public, they just learn to channel those emotions into passion!

Clare from Diesal Bookstore shares about Kimberly Simms

For National Poetry Month 2015, each bookseller at DIESEL shared their favorite experience with poetry. Clare from Diesel, a bookstore in Larkspur, shared about the first time she saw Spoken Word at the ICA London, which featured South Carolina Poet, Kimberly Simms.

The event featured in the podcast was called "Paradigm Poets: Club Night at the ICA." It took place on December 4th at 8pm, 2000 at the ICA London ( The TimeOut London wrote about the event:

"Paradigm Poets: Our monthly extravaganza of inspirational poetry and film, with guest D's and a live net link-up with the US.
Tonight's line-up includes MC Carl Dhiman; Victoria Mosley; John Andreissen; dark and emotional Francesca Beard; Lucy English the performance pet and novelist; Kimberly Simms, the poet from Carolina with sexy sweetly serrated spoken word; and Susie Oh.
Film and visuals Skylar Haskard plus guest DJs."

The poem, Kimberly Simms, performed that night was called, "I Interview Well." Kimberly Simms says about the poem, "At the time that I wrote the poem, I had recently been through the interview process and it seemed to focus on how I looked rather than what skills I brought to the table. So as a laugh, I took the job interview experience to its ultimate sexual peak in this satire poem."

Read the poem:
Listen to the poem:

Writer KJ Gibbs

Kimberly Jane Simms Gibbs is currently pursuing her writing full time, but she is most known as the founder of literary non-profit Wits End Poetry, which has been a Greenville 501(C)3 non-profit since 2002. She has previously been a board member for the Travelers Rest Arts Mission, where she served as the Literary Advisor. In addition, she served a term as an Executive Council Board Member for the national non-profit Poetry Slam Inc. She also served as Development Director for the former Cary Center, which served at risk youth.  As part of her non-profit work, KJ Gibbs has also directed and managed a number of week long, esteemed literary festivals.

While dedicating much of her time to literary and arts non-profits, KJ Gibbs is an award winning poet in her own right. Her poetry has appeared in Poem, The South Carolina Review, The Asheville Poetry Review, The Blue Collar Review, Eclipse, Kakalak (Honorable Mention), Plains Song Review, The John Edward Johnson Prize from The Poetry Society of SC, The Millennium Sampler of SC Poetry, as well as a number of other respected journals, anthologies, and magazines. In her twenties, KJ Gibbs won a number of renowned performance poetry awards, including the championship for the Southern Fried South East Regional Poetry Slam 1998, as a member of the Greenville Slam Team. She has been a featured performer and reader internationally at festivals and venues including the Battersea Arts Center London, The Institute of Contemporary Arts London, The Chopin Theater Chicago, The Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, The Peace Center, Ladyfest Atlanta, the LEAF Festival, and Artisphere, as well as numerous other arts establishments and universities.

Kimberly Jane Simms Gibbs holds a Masters in English from Clemson University with a Creative Writing Thesis, as well as a Bachelors in English from Furman University. In addition she has completed another 24 graduate hours in education and literacy courses. She worked for ten years as a middle school certified English Language Arts teacher for Greenville County Schools. Before dedicating her life to teaching, writing, and non-profits, KJ Gibbs worked in marketing for companies such as Neal Prince + Partners Architects, the British Film Institute London, and the Tate Gallery London.