Spoken Word Poem on Fear Mongering: Terrified

After watching the #GOPDebate, Dr. Ben Carson's talk about EMP threats and the very real threat of terrorists taking out the electrical grid, I was reminded of this poem I wrote. In the spirit of full disclosure, I find it easy to get overwhelmed by the constant messages of destruction from the media. 


by Kimberly Simms

It started with airplanes. What with failing airlines
cutting flights and possibly corners, long lines,
the war, terrorism, deep thrombosis, and the advent
of exotic Asian diseases, flying was just too risky.

But then there was that Amtrak disaster,
the hijacked greyhound, EMP threats,
orange terror alerts, mass shootings—
it just seemed safer to stick close to home.

Then one night there was this piece on Hardcopy
about wax coated fruit, rat hair allowances,
genetically modified gluten disasters;
it was time to switch to organic food.

I wondered, “What fiasco was next?”
I became obsessed with watching the news.
It seemed that disaster was everywhere:
kidnappings, sleeping terror cells,
biochemical weapons, and vulnerable milk supplies. 

So I began shopping on line, telecommuting,
cleansing my living surfaces with antibacterial bleach.
I stocked piled plastic bags, solar chargers & duct tape.
I stowed gallons of fresh drinking water, began grinding
my own wheat.  I built a bomb shelter in my basement.
I bought a gas mask on e-bay.  

Now that I didn’t leave the house, it was much easier
to keep abreast of current events that shape my world. 
I had 24 hour streaming CNN, MSNBC, Fox Live Breaking News. 

But then Time Magazine ran that piece on micro-organisms,
how they thrive in shower heads and vaporize in the steam. 
So I stopped taking showers . . .  

But then Newsweek described the toxicity of indoor air
the ecosystems in my carpet.  I was confused
didn’t know what to do — nowhere was safe. 

And then I realized! There was space!
I launched myself in a high-tech shuttle,
pressed my face against the viewing bubble
at the peaceful swathes of blue green trouble.

Now that I was in outer space

Finally, I smiled — I would be safe!

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And that's not even including the Zombie apocalypse!