#TWD Elegy for Abraham Ford

Heartbroken after the first episode of Season 7 #TWD premiere #Tonight!

Elegy for Abraham Ford

(hoped it would be an ode #TWDSeason7)
by Kimberly Simms

Abraham Ford: fiery, ferocious, unflinching
bristling boar warrior unleashed, virile, thundering
out of charred Houston, birthed from chaos, life shattered.
His mouth poetic decimation, his heart cracked.

He raged down overgrown highways of death. Boldly
pummeling his battle clad vehicle faster.
Taking no heed of vultures swinging through the heat
his has always been to fight, do, die, rinse, repeat.

Stormed by sweeping zombie hordes. Dicked by destiny.
Blustering an ocean of shit, kicking it right
back up its own ass. Daily, he thundered assault.
Rallied. Scratched out new plans. Soldered old wounds with salt.

Riding clear across the jaws of hell. Charging foes.
Plunging knives deep in skulls. Hungry for violence.
Loose ends chapping taut ass. Lust edging red mustache.
Loyal to his ragtag crew. Perpetual bad-ass.

Hauling his gashes, damage, loss like a desert.
Desperate for a wholly mother-dick reset.
His guilt a guillotine driving for redemption.
Soldier. Lover. Friend. Will this hero find peace in the end?

Disclaimer: I have been meaning to write poems for the characters on the Walking Dead for a some time. I love the show and I am fan! I can't wait to find out what happens this Sunday! This page is not endorsed by AMC or its employees. I decided to start with the character of Abraham Ford since I happened to meet the actor Michael Cudlitz last week.
Copyright 2016 Kimberly Simms

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