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Lindy Lee: Songs on Mill Hill
Discussion Questions for Book Clubs

1. How did the landscape effect the lives of the mill workers in the Carolina Piedmont?

2. Why do you think parents allowed their children to work in the textile mills?

3. How did you experience the main character, Lindy Lee? How did her experiences make you feel?

4. In the poem cycle “Muscadines,” why do you think Lindy Lee kept quiet about what Bill (her boss) did to her?

5. The conditions in the textile mills were tough. If you were a textile worker during this time, would you rather move from village to village looking for better opportunity OR stay in one village your whole life?

6. Do you think the history of the mill villages still influences southern culture today? If so, how?

7. Why was religion so important to some textile mill workers?

8. What was your favorite poem in the collection? How did you connect to it?

Questions for the Author

1. What inspired you to write about mill town life in the South?

 2. What was one of the most surprising things you learned about mill workers and their communities?

3. Why do mill towns have such a significance in the South?

4. This is really a history book disguised as poetry! Do you agree?

5. How does your British heritage inform your writing?