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LINDY LEE: SONGS ON MILL HILL brings to life the social fault lines of textile mills in the rural Piedmont — themes of child labor, the changing roles of women, of a fading away of life where isolation is juxtaposed against a strong sense of community. 

Part history, part poetry — this collection is peppered with the poignant, rarely seen photography of Lewis Hine (1874 – 1940).  With Lindy Lee, KIMBERLY J. SIMMS finds the vast and profound in the smallest of domestic spaces. In the words of William Wright (2016 Georgia Author of the Year), she celebrates and records in vivid imagery “the joys and hardships of a charged, mythic, and sweat-soaked place.”

With an eye for keen and often surprising details . . . these poems of sorrow, joy, and redemption are the sort of literary experience that stick with you long after the final line has fallen into an echo." — Ryan G. Van Cleave, author of UNLOCKED and LANDSCAPE & DREAM

“Innovative and entertaining. Simms blends the folk-road with the erudite, makes the plain-spoken country-speak stand for the deepest spiritual constructs within our souls!” —Paul Allen, Author of AMERICAN CRAWL and GROUND FORCES.

“In the tradition of Ron Rash, Cathy Smith Bowers, and Linda Ferguson, Kimberly Simms has chronicled the lives of textile workers in the Carolinas with historical accuracy, imaginative insight, and lyrical grace.” —Gilbert Allen, Author of CATMA and THE FINAL DAYS OF GREAT AMERICAN SHOPPING

"Style-wise, though, Simms’ book more closely evokes Edgar Lee Masters’ famous Spoon River Anthology, vernacular free-verse odes that commemorate the long-gone residents of a hardscrabble town. But more hopeful in tone." - Melanie Bianchi, Editor of Bold Life

"In Lindy Lee: Songs on Mill Hill, Kimberly Simms captures the paradox of the mill communities: those bound together not only through hard working and living, but through the grit that defines human perseverance and survival, all of which “You get so used to doing, it’s hard to stop.” In doing so, she helps bring to light the personal stories of those typically reserved as a footnote in Southern history." - Kathleen Nalley in South 85 Journal

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