The Following Books feature poems by Kimberly Jane Simms and a new full-length collection is due out in the Fall of 2017.

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Watch My Rising: A Recovery Anthology, 37 stories & poems about recovery from addiction 
by various et al. Our goal is to join others in the New Recovery Advocacy Movement in sharing the stories of people in recovery from addiction. Their stories, because of stigma, haven’t been told nearly enough. May these words provide readers with a new view and show the world the reality of recovery. Proceeds from the sale of this book benefit Recover Wyoming. Contributors: Lynn Carlson, Wendy E. Ingersoll, John Simonds, Alexis Ivy, Rebecca Taksel, Margaret Smith-Braniff, Aaron Holst, Henry Alley, Jim Littwin, Maureen Geraghty, Agatha Roa, Kimberly Simms Gibbs, Chelsea Lai, Billi Casey, Karina Muniz, Elizabeth Brule Farrell, Pace Lawson, PF Witte, Jean Bonin, Paul Hostovsky, Darrah Perez, Lucas Zulu, Antonio Sanchez-Day, Caralyn Davis, David Olsen, Ron Watson, Kristina Cerise, Patricia McDaniel, Sheryl Nelms, Patty Somlo, Shane Crady, Tom Larsen

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Quintet from Ninety-six Press:

A collection of chapbooks by five young poets from South Carolina. This collection features the poems that I wrote upon moving back to the South Carolina in November 2001 after spending three years in London. I was also influenced by 9/11 which happened about this same time.

The other author's in the collection include:

Vera Gómez, the daughter of Mexican immigrants, is a native Texan who now works in corporate communications in upstate South Carolina. She has been prominent in the world of performance poetry on the local, regional, and national levels.

Joel McCollough has worked both in desktop publishing and as a teacher in the public schools. His poems, widely published in literary magazines, often reflect his lifelong residence in the Greenville area.

Terri McCord, recipient of the 2001-2002 Literary Arts Fellowship in Poetry from the South Carolina Arts Commission, often writes about parent-child relationships and the place of animals in our lives.

Kimberly Jane Simms, a celebrated performance poet, has also published in a number of literary journals. She founded literary non-profit Wits End Poetry in Greenville, SC

Brian Slusher, author of “Paranormal Romance” (below), teaches high school drama and English. His poems, frequently published in literary journals, are notable for the breadth and playfulness of their author’s imagination.

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Growing Up Girl Anthology 2006:

Good Reads describes the book as "Growing Up Girl is an eclectic collection of poems, essays, and short stories that document the transition from girl to woman, as told by the girls and women who know the journey best. Whether she's coming undone or coming out the writing is authentic and passionate."

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Forthcoming with Finishing Line Press: Lindy Lee: Songs on Mill Hill

While most of the poems in the collection Lindy Lee: Songs on Mill Hill have been published, this book length manuscript is currently under contract negotiation with a traditional publisher. The Chapbook has been shortlisted for five different Chapbook awards. The collection also received third place in the Kinlock Rivers Chapbook Contest, which did not include publishing. 

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