Events 2017

Date Description
July 18 ATLANTA, GA. Master of Ceremonies/Host Kimberly J Simms for the Art Amok Lip Synch Slam (Charity Fundraiser). Red Light Cafe.  8 pm. $10.
July 24-27 PRIVATE EVENT. GREENVILLE, SC. 2017 SmartARTS Arts Integration Institute. Facilitator Kimberly J Simms leads Creative Writing Immersion and Google Classroom Training. FAC.
July 29
CHICAGO, IL. Backyard Celebration: Reading and Party headlining Kimberly J Simms. Plus Special Guests. 945 West 32nd Street, Chicago, IL
July 30
CHICAGO, IL. Uptown Poetry Slam. Featured poet Kimberly J Simms.  Green Mill Jazz Club, Chicago. 4802 North Broadway Ave.
August 6
COLUMBIA, SC: Fall Lines Release Celebration featuring Kimberly J Simms. Richland Library 3 - 4:30pm. 
August 14 & 16
PRIVATE EVENT. ATLANTA, GA.  Alliance Theater Institute Residency Workshops and Planning.
September 2 ATLANTA, GA. Decatur Book Festival. Local Poety Stage Presented by Java Monkey with Kimberly J Simms. 11:30am  [Labor Day Weekend]
September 19
GREENVILLE, SC. Details coming soon!
September 23
AUGUSTA, GA. Berry Fleming Book Festival. Featured Panelist Kimberly J Simms. 11:00am  
September 24
AIKEN, SC.  Featured reader Kimberly J. Simms. Aiken County Historical Museum. 433 Newberry St. SW
September 25-27
ATLANTA, GA. Kimberly J Simms will be assisting with the the Performing Arts Exchange organized by South Arts. 
October 5
GREENVILLE, SC. FUSAB Presents Poetry Slam and Talk. 7:00. FREE. Furman University. Kimberly Simms curates, hosts, and leads a poetry slam featuring members of the Greenville Slam Team.
October 7 CHARLESTON, SC. Official announcement in August.  Eclectic Cafe. Featuring a poetry reading with Kimberly Simms.
[Holiday Weekend Coweta County Schools 6th & 9th]
Nov 17-25
Happy Thanksgiving!
Fall 2017 PRIVATE EVENT. ATLANTA, GA. Poetry Residency with the Alliance Arts for Learning Institute. Details coming soon!
December 2017 COLUMBIA, SC. Kimberly J Simms features at Mind Gravy. Details coming soon!
Dec 19 - 30 Happy Holidays!
January 2018 PRIVATE EVENT. GREENVILLE, SC. Kimberly J Simms poetry residency League Academy. 8th grade. Sponsored by the Metropolitan Arts Council.
February 16-25 Winter Vacation! 
March 7-10 AWP Conference & Bookfair. Tampa Convention Center. 
April 1-8 2018 Metro Atlanta Spring Break
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Recent Past Events

June 14
PRIVATE EVENT. Young Writers Camp. Speaker. 1:30
*Sponsored by the Upstate Writing Project and Clemson University
June 14
ASHEVILLE, NC Live Poetry Reading with Open Mic. Noble Kava 268 Biltmore Ave. Featured reader. 8:00 pm
June 15
PRIVATE EVENT.  New SmartARTS Artist Information Meeting. 5:30 The Metropolitan Arts Council. 1 Augusta Street.
June 26-28
PRIVATE EVENT. SmartARTS Summer Institute. FAC. Creative Writing Immersion Facilitator.

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