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  • Dancing Crooked. Greenville, SC: Mad Girl Press, 1997.

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  • Finalist. Including publication. 2018 James Applewhite Poetry Prize.
          North Carolina Literary Review.
  • “Archive: South Carolina Poetry Since 2005.” Furman University.
  • Newnan-Coweta Magazine. May/June 2018

  • 2017

    • Third Place. 2017. Flames Poetry Contest (and Anthology). NY Literary Magazine.
    • Semi-finalist. 2017 James Applewhite Poetry Prize. North Carolina Literary Review.
    • "How Many Slept Here." Fall Lines. The Jasper Project. Muddy Ford Press 2017.
    • "Lost Stand of Daffodils." The Broad River Review. Summer 2017.
    •  "The Shortness of Summer" and "The Ugly Jug" Aji Magazine. Spring 2017.
    • "Film Director." Poem was distributed on fliers to coffee houses.
    • "The Forgotten Fence" and "The Black Country Curry." Petigru Review. South Carolina Writer's Association. 2016. PUSHCART PRIZE NOMINEE
    • "Bees of Light." Phantom Drift: 6th Annual. Fall 2016.
    2015 - 2016
    Note from the author: Please not that between 2008 and 2014, I did not send out my poems for publication as I was focusing on my family and my daughter.

    2010 - 2006 (as Kimberly Jane Simms)

    • “Dip 1929,” “Hop Along Little Crow,” “Jerome’s Silence.” The South Carolina Review. Vol 42.2. Clemson, SC: Clemson UP, 2010.
    • “The Summer of Tiger Swallow Tails.” In The Yard Anthology. Sylva, NC: Old Mountain Press, 2007. (
    •  “Fortune Tellers.” Eclipse. Glendale, CA: Glendale College, 2006.
    •  “Brother’s Mess of Crosses.” First Place. 2005 n Edward Johnson Prize. SC Poetry Society. Charleston, SC: SCPS, 2005.
    • “Cliff Jump.” Honorable Mention. 2006 Lyric Poem Prize. SC Poetry Society. Charleston, SC: SCPS, 2006.
    • "The Cotton Mill Song." Blue Collar Review. Vol. 10 Issue 1. Autumn 2006. Norfolk, VA: Partisan Press, 2006. 
    • “Blue Panes.” Honorable Mention. Kakalak 2006: An Anthology of Carolina Poets. Charlotte, NC: Main Street Rag, 2006.
    • “May Anti-Capitalist Riots, London*.” Growing Up Girl Anthology. Washington, DC: Girl Child Press, 2006. (Anthology Rights)
    • “May Anti-Capitalist Riots, London.” Timber Creek Review. Greensboro, NC: John M. Freiermuth (editor), 2006. First Rights, but TCR went Defunct.
    2005 (as Kimberly Jane Simms)

    • “Digging.” Asheville Poetry Review. Vol. 12, No. 1. Asheville, NC: APR, 2005.
    • “Bliss.” Poems Niedergasse July/August. 2005.
    • “Exploring American Landscapes: Book Review.” The South Carolina Review. Vol 38.1. Clemson, SC: Clemson UP, 2005.
    •  “Deep Deportation.” Plains Song Review. Lincoln, NE: U of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2005.
    • “Saluda,” “Lunar Republic,” and “Last Day at the Mill.” The Millennial Sampler of SC Poetry. Greenville, SC: Ninety-six Press, 2005.
    • “Man and Woman Eating Dinner.” Aurora Review. Spring 2005. Fayetteville, AK: Aurora, 2005.
    • “December in the Foothills,” “Sneaky Sand,” and “Just Friends.” The Dead Mule: School of Southern Literature. April 2005. ISSN 1535-8488. Val MacEwan, 2005.
    2004 - 1995 (as Kimberly Jane Simms)

    • “Dissasembly Line” and “Nothing Like Barcelona.” WRIToracle. Vol. 5 Winter. Durham, NH: The Writ, 2003.
    • "Small Spaces", "Cuttings", "Sara is Screaming" Speak Out, Columbia, SC: Universal Soul Languages Publications, 2003 (under 500 copies. Anthology)
    • “Lunar Republic.” From the Page to the Stage. Ann Arbor, MI: Wordsmith Press, 2003.
    • "Cuttings", "Not Quite the White Knight", "Letter to Adam" Psychotic Education Vol. 5. Greenville, SC: David Stone, 2002
    • “The Execution of Lady Jane Grey.” The Absinthe Literary Review, Winter 2002.  Spring Green, WI: ALR, 2002.
    • “Interview,” “My Poems in London,” and “Headlines”. Rising. Issues 18, 23, 27. London, UK: Tim Wells, 2000-2001.
    • “Mae West Disease,” “Pick Up,” and “Berlin Teletowers.” The Illustrated Ape Magazine. Issues 10, 13, 14. London, UK 2001-2002.
    • “Small Spaces.” “Baby Kidnapped.” Not Your Mama’s Cookbook, Ladyfest South Anthology. Atlanta, Kings Cross Pub., 2002 (under 500 copies. Anthology)
    • "Mother." 6th Annual Southern Fried Poetry Slam Anthology, Greenville, SC: Southern Fried Poetry Slam, 1998
    • “Small Spaces,” “Barbie,” “Speaking to Women,” and “Vast as the Sky.” Women’s Insight Magazine. Issues 3&4. Greenville, SC: WIM, 1997. 
    • “Green Glass” and “Just Friends.” The Echo. Greenville, SC: Furman, 1997 & 1998.
    • “Home.” America’s Intercultural Magazine. Maywood, IL: AIM Publications, 1996.
    Book Review
    "Exploring American Landscapes." The South Carolina Review. SCR 38-1.

    Paper Presentation

    Associated Writers Conference: Pedagogy Papers 2006
    "What Can We Learn From Slam?" by Kimberly Simms